cAuth is a secure authentication system with support for C#, C++, Java, Python and PHP.

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Easy to use

cAuth is easy to setup and it has a proper documentation for users.

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cAuth has open source api classes, that means you can setup it in any programming language you want, and it also has a universal api without encryption.

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cAuth uses an aes end-to-end encryption during it's requests, that means your data is secure in both sides and the communication cant be intercepted.

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We offer support for free and premium users on our discord server .

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cAuth has an easy to understand documentation, located at here .

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cAuth is very cheap compared to other licensing solutions.

The complex made simple

The main goal of this auth system is to make proper and secure stuff for people that doesnt have that much knowledge at developing applications, making it easy for them to publish and sell their applications.

cAuth pricing

All plans below are lifetime based plans, that means you'll have premium till the service ends.

cAuth Free Plan.
What’s included
  • 2 programs
  • 50 users per program
  • 75 tokens per program
  • 5 server sided variables
  • 500 message logs
  • No file uploads
  • Access to the premium admin api
cAuth Premium Plan.
What’s included
  • 15 programs
  • 5000 users per program
  • 7500 tokens per program
  • 300 server sided variables
  • 10000 message logs
  • 15 file uploads
  • Access to the premium admin api